Maya Lesson 2: More Chairs and a Bulb Light

Let’s improve our scene
Zoom Out = Alt + Right Mouse Button (RMB)
Create a floor for our room = Create – Polygon Primitives – Plane
Right Mouse Button (RMB) Assign Existing Material – Select and apply a previously created material to the floor
Apply the same material used for the seat
Change the material colour , the seat and the floor become blue
Spin the view = Alt + Drag Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Select all the chair’s pieces = Drag LMB
Create a new object from the selected pieces = Mesh – Combine
Now we can work with the entire chair as a single object
Assign an existing material and change the material colour
Duplicate the chair = Ctrl + D
Rotate the new chair = Drag LMB on the coloured circles (now only the horizontal circle)
Move the chair with the Move Tool
Duplicate and move the new chairs
Create a light bulb = Create – Polygon Primitives – Sphere
Move the sphere upward
Assign New Material – Lambert
Change colour and incandescence
Render Scene
The light bulb is there but is not emitting light
Create – Lights – Point Light
Move the created light under the bulb
Press spacebar to switch between the panel layouts
Pan = Alt + Drag Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
Zoom = Alt + Drag RMB
Render scene
Change the light colour and intensity

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