Unity Playground

Whether you’re an aspiring maker or an educator in game development: Welcome to Unity! Unity Playground is a framework to create 2D, physics-based games, and it’s perfect for teaching beginner game developers to make games in Unity without coding.

Unity Playground removes the need to code by providing an array of one-task Components that are easy to use and mix. By combining them together, you can create physics-based 2D games spanning several game genres. It can also be used to introduce to game design or level design.

The Playground is intended to be very simple to get into, and you can get acquainted with the basics in less than 30 minutes. You just need to understand the project structure and the concepts that the Playground implements . Then you probably want to take a look at the scripts, starting with the ones grouped in the Movement category.


Before using the Playground you should already have a good grasp of Unity’s core concepts. A very good resource are the Interactive Tutorials that you can find in the editor launch window or the Unity Hub, under the Learn tab. As an alternative, you can also go through the Interface & Essentials section in the official Tutorials.