Construirea unui magazin online

Build Online Store Lesson 2

We will improve existing posts, making them more attractive and attractive to Google. We enter the store on the “back door”, we choose the post to be modified and the first thing we change is the size of the image. We do it smaller and then we try to enter more text … in order to be a good post for Google, it must have as much text as possible. I’m looking for articles on the internet about this chocolate and I find a good one. I try to copy the text but I manage to copy only part of it. The part that I cannot select I will copy later saving the web page on the computer to me. By opening it from my own computer I can select the whole text. Part of the text is written in large, too large characters. The H2 size of the characters also tells Google how important those words are, H1 being of utmost importance. H4 is better for us. From time to time I click on “Update” for new changes to appear in the store. I copy the remaining text in my post to a new “Paragraph” block and enter a new image. Clicking on “Change Alignment- Align Right” sends the two images to the right, so the post looks better (I think).