Construirea unui magazin online

Build Online Store Lesson 1

The store is ready built, can be found on the Internet at the address, already has 2 types of chocolates on shelves and now we must introduce other types of sweets. In order to enter new things, you must enter the store on the back door, which is at: The “back door” can only be entered with the password, the password that you will receive by email and which must remain secret, to know only those in the group of 7 enrolled in the course. After entering the password we get to the store administration page, there we can do a lot of things, today we just add a new type of chocolate in the store. I’ll create a new post. Each post has a title. I search for Milka chocolate in google and go to emag, from there I take the name and copy it with copy-paste. Besides the title each post also has a body, where I will put a picture and the price. Right-click on the picture and choose “copy link address”, copy the photo address, go back to the store and click on “add image”, then “insert from URL” and CTRL-V to put the picture address in the store. Click on the right arrow and the picture is inserted in the body of the post. I look for the price of chocolates at emag and fix the price in my store, price that I write below the picture. I have to select the product category again, that is the shelf I put on. I can create new categories, now I use the “chocolate” category. I am very pleased, so I click on the “Publish” button (twice). At this moment the new chocolate is in the store, it can be seen by everyone at