Construirea unui magazin online

Build Online Store Lesson 3

In addition to product postings we also need product group postings: for example, one post with Milka chocolate, another one with Heidi chocolate, or one with Lindt candy. We will now do a Milka chocolate post. We search for the posts that contain the word “milka” and enter the first product found. We need the post address, the address that is also called the URL. We copy the URL and paste it in the new post in a list. The list will contain links (links) to product posts. It is not good to put the links directly but put in the product name list, and then attach the link. Now it looks better. I go back and look for a chocolate and I put this one too.   I made a post with a list of two products, you have to put more products in this post and new posts with: Lindt candy, Heidi chocolate and Haribo jellies.